County Executive George Latimer Appoints Two New Youth Poet Laureates

At the weekly Westchester Update briefing, Westchester County Commissioner George Latimer proudly introduced the county’s two young poet laureates. Alexa Murphy, grade 11, of Sleepy Hollow and Harmony Hopwood, grade 9, of New Rochelle were selected after a survey conducted by the Westchester County Youth Bureau.

Latimer said, “In this county, we are blessed with talent of all ages and in all fields. Alexa and Harmony embody that spirit and it was a pleasure to hear them speak and talk.”

Latimer said: “We are so lucky in this County to have talent of all ages and in all fields. Poetry provides those who enjoy it an outlet to express themselves and better understand the experiences of others through their own expression. Alexa and Harmony embody that spirit, and it was a pleasure to hear their stories and spoken word.”

Murphy is an 11th grade student at Sleepy Hollow Masters School and a member of the Candid Poetry Group. Murphy first joined the group in second grade, an experience that helped him discover a deep passion for the arts. 

Murphy also writes for the Tower school newspaper, leads the school’s debate team and participates in state debates with the U.S. Development Team. In his role as Youth Poet Laureate, Murphy says he will do whatever it takes to serve the county and give back a part of all it gave him. A sophomore with a lifelong interest in creating, she has always enjoyed writing stories, poetry and art . 

Hopwood says she helped create a window of expression for those around her.Hopwood’s goals have always been driven by a desire to express excellence and create change whenever possible. In her new role as Youth Poet Laureate, Hopwood aims to bring diversity to the fields she loves and create more opportunities in the community for people like her. Congratulations to Alexa and Harmony for being selected, and thank you to County Executive Latimer for supporting this wonderful program. “